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  • Offers strong defence against impacts and possible eye injuries in a range of job settings.
  • Designed with smoke-colored lenses to improve visibility and lessen glare in bright or outdoor environments.
  • Provides defence against damaging ultraviolet (UV) radiation, protecting the eyes from exposure to the sun.
  • Manufactured using strong components that tolerate regular usage and a decline, ensuring an extended product life.
  • with an ergonomic design, adjustable parts for a snug fit, and a focus on comfort throughout prolonged use.
  • Fulfils ISI & ANSI Z871 requirements. safety regulations, guaranteeing dependable eye protection in work environments.
  • An anti-scratch coating is applied to lenses to improve their longevity and preserve their optical quality.
  • includes ventilation systems to keep vision clear in a variety of environmental conditions and lessen fogging.
  • Lightweight design to improve comfort, particularly after extended usage.
  • The temples, or arms, may be adjusted to match a variety of head sizes and offer a customised fit.
  • comes with side shields for extra protection against side threats and coverage.
  • labeled and marked with compliance information to guarantee that safety regulations are followed.
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 Anti fog safety glasses 3m eyes are protected from the side and front with 3M 1709 Smoke Lens Safety Eyewear is the glasses for construction, Strength and stability are guaranteed by its one-piece lens construction, lightweight design, and compact size. The overall fit is improved by the shorter temple-to-temple distance and anti fog eyewear, and the clear lens offers outstanding clarity. A nose bridge adds comfort and adaptability by accommodating different nasal characteristics.


    Industrial Settings

    Welding Applications

    Laboratory Work



    Construction Sites

    Outdoor Maintenance

    DIY Projects

    Automotive Repair

    General Eye Protection 

3M 1709 Smoke Lens Safety Eyewear is designed to provide reliable construction eyewear. These safety glasses ensure clear vision while shielding the wearer from any hazards from the front and sides thanks to their anti-fog features. These safety glasses are ideal for use in industrial settings since they prioritise safety without sacrificing visibility.


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