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3M 1710



  • These glasses, which have a ventilation system built in, lessen fogging and enhance visibility.
  • The adjustable temples on the glasses provide for a snug fit and improved comfort for users.
  • In a variety of industrial environments, the 3M 1710 IN safety glasses are essential for shielding workers’
  • Potentially protect dangerous objects like sparks, dirt, and chemicals.
  • Design to offer unparalleled protection for the eyes.
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For enhanced protection and safety, the 3M 1710 wear safety glasses are an essential choice for industrial tasks because to their impeccable quality. Owing to their user-friendly design that prioritises convenience of use, these eye protections for glasses wearers offer increased comfort and protection. They are sturdy and resistant to damaging environments because they are composed of polycarbonate lenses.


      Perfect Condition

      This eyewear is robust and long-lasting.

      A comfortable fit is guaranteed by the ergonomic design.

      The lenses on the glasses are of excellent quality.

      give workers a clear vision so they can complete their duties precisely. present

      Adaptability in defending against several possible eye injuries.


      3M 1710 IN safety glasses are a necessity in various industrial work.

      Ideal for construction workers

      These glasses offer reliable protection.

      Laboratories work

      Maintenance and Repair


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