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  • Wraparound, athletic frame design
  • Adaptable work and head and eyes movements.
  • Superior polycarbonate lenses provide outstanding durability and visual clarity.
  • Through a decrease of points of pressure behind the ears, the soft eye work tips improve comfort all through extended usage.
  • The impact-resistant frame gives the wearer an additional degree of protection.
  • supple nasal bridge
  • UV absorption of polycarbonate lenses is 99.9%
  • ANSI/EN Accepted


Superior safety with, wear protective eyewear have many features and stylish design come together in the 3M QX 2000 12109 Premium Safety Eyewear. Its anti-fog-coated transparent polycarbonate lens provides smooth coverage and distortion-free vision. The sporty style adds a little flair, and the soft nose bridge and adjustable design guarantee a comfortable fit. Comfort and protection are given priority with QX eyewear, which offers customisable nosepiece, wear eye protection and temple options for an enhanced level of safety.


  • Protection against high-velocity impacts.
  • Maintains clear visibility, even in challenging work conditions.
  • Preventing fogging.
  • Ensures clear vision in various working environments.


The 3M QX 2000 12109 Premium best safety glasses brand offers exceptional safety. With its anti-fog-coated transparent polycarbonate lens, this fashionable protective eyewear offers distortion-free vision and seamless coverage while ensuring a safe environment. Wear it with assurance for a blend of cutting-edge technology and a stylish design that puts your safety first.



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