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3M™ Virtua™ Protective Eyewear 11880IN, Anti-Scratch

 Key Features

  • Built to endure a lifetime using sturdy materials.
  • Provides thorough covering for the highest level of security.
  • Lessens fogging for improved seeing under difficult lighting conditions.
  • Adjustable fit to suit a range of face shapes.
  • Absorbs force to prevent damage to the eyes.
  • Lets you see everything around you without any obstructions.
  • Keeps visibility clean while working by preventing fogging.
  • keeps everything stable and doesn’t slip when in use.


In order to effectively safeguard eyes in a variety of work conditions, 3M Virtua Protective Eyewear 11880IN, Anti-Scratch, is a premium and long-lasting option. These 3m 11880 virtua in anti fog spectacles safety glasses are a dependable defence against any risks because they are precisely crafted and employ state-of-the-art technology.

Over time, the anti-scratch coating on the eyewear prolongs its life and preserves optical clarity. Its anti-scratch characteristic makes sure that even in rough situations, the 3m 11880 goggles lenses stay scratch-free and clear, requirements by absorbing 99.9% of UV light. extending their lifespan and maintaining their visual quality.


● Provides excellent defence against a range of industrial dangers.
● Increased longevity and resilience to scratches.
● Designed to provide optimal comfort throughout prolonged use.
● appropriate for a variety of workplace environments and industries.
● Distortion-free vision is possible with optically clean lenses.
● Ensures comfort of wear, minimising tiredness after prolonged use.
● Protects eyes from damaging UV radiation and enhances eye health.

Usages: The premium option created to guarantee the best possible eye protection in a variety of work settings is 
3m safety eyewear. With its long-lasting resilience, this high-end eyewear is a great option for protecting eyes in a variety of difficult situations.


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