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  Key Features:

  • constructed from highly impactful
  • Stainless steel and polycarbonate
  • resistant to oxidation and corrosion
  • aids and provides ventilation
  • Cut down on fogging
  • affixed permanently
  • ANSI/EN compliance


3M ZT100 Prescription Safety Eyewear offers the best eye protection in a variety of work settings by fusing cutting-edge technology with a stylish aesthetic. These precisely crafted safety glasses come with prescription lenses as an extra bonus, guaranteeing clear vision for those with particular vision needs, all while meeting strict safety criteria.

The best prescription safety glasses online materials used in the construction of the 3M ZT100 reduce fatigue during prolonged use. It is designed for comfort and durability. The frame is expertly designed to offer a snug and comfortable fit, improving user happiness and safety.

● Superior CR39 lenses improve safety by offering clarity and visual acuity.
● Crafted to meet the demands of prescription wearers, guaranteeing customised eye protection.
● Superior lens material for undistorted, clear vision
● Elegant style for a polished, modern appearance.
● Adaptable eyewear fit for a range of professional environments.
With its sturdy plastic frames, clear side shields, and CR39 lenses, the 3M ZT100 Prescription Safety Eyewear provides dependable eye protection. 3m clear safety glasses eyewear guarantees good vision in a variety of work scenarios and is perfect for both single vision and bifocal prescriptions. For people who need prescription eyeglasses for work, the package combines usefulness, comfort, and safety with a handy carry pouch and a lens cleaning cloth.


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