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Road Safety Traffic Cones

Frontier traffic cones are highly regarded in the industry for their superior build quality and reflectivity. As a leading traffic cone manufacturer, we offer our road cones in several weights & heights depending upon the usage. Tall heavy weight cones (Mega 1) are used in open green field projects where there are higher chances of heavy winds. These cones weight about 7.5 kg.

Our 75 cm tall traffic cones are available in various models depending upon weight or flexibility. Frontier traffic road cones are manufactured from non-fading safety Red colour and full adhesive reflective tape which is capable of handling repeated rain and outdoor exposure. From the colour and quality of reflective tape you can recognise if it’s an original Frontier traffic road cone or an imitation.

Frontier road cones have extensively been used at construction sites, airports, car parking, marathon runs. As a traffic cone manufacturer, we specialise in construction cones, parking cones, heavy duty cones, light weight cones, message cones etc.

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1 Meter Traffic Cone

750 mm Traffic Cone


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