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Scotch® ATG Adhesive Applicators & Adaptors

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  • Applies adhesive while removing and rewinding liner back into the applicator to eliminate clean-up
  • Provides controlled application with the squeeze of a trigger
  • Transparent cover provides quick and easy inspection to show remaining tape
  • Applicator accommodates the use of 3/4″ and 1/2″ width adhesive rolls
  • Adapter allows use of 1/2 inch rolls on ATG700 Applicator
  • Covered gears minimize applicator jams

Scotch® ATG Adhesive Applicators apply adhesive transfer tape in a quick, easy, single handed operation. The lightweight applicators are ideal for use on small and medium assembly jobs as well as light and heavy duty industrial applications. The adapter allows for 3/4 inch rolls to be used on ATG700 applicator.

Provides Consistent Thickness with No Oozing, Glue Lines or Overspray Our Scotch® ATG Adhesive Applicators offer a lightweight, portable, one-hand solution for applying adhesive transfer tape to metal, plastic, foam, paper and more. No preparation is necessary, and the applicators do not produce fumes, vapors or strong odors. Additionally, they provide consistent thickness with no mess from oozing, glue lines or aerosol-adhesive overspray. During use, the adhesive transfer tape’s liner removes automatically and rewinds into the applicator. The adhesive system allows you to only use the necessary amount of tape, while providing an option for exchanging to new or previously used rolls of adhesives with different performance attributes. This applicator allows the use of 3/4" and 1/2" width rolls. The adapter enables the use of 1/2 inch (12mm) wide transfer tape when used with the ATG 700 Applicator.  Transparent cases provide easy visual verification of the amount of tape inside while covered gears minimize applicator jams. Scotch® ATG Adhesive Applicators are ideal for use on small and medium assembly jobs as well as light and heavy duty industrial applications. Recommended Applications Trim and molding attachment Point of purchase and specialty packaging Signage and graphics attachment Appliance and automotive interior assembly Commercial print assembly Matting and picture framing Fabric, foam and gasket attachment Understanding the Scotch® ATG System Scotch® ATG system has proven to be the go-to adhesive solution since the early 1970s. For light and heavy industrial applications, Scotch® ATG Adhesive Applicators are known to be convenient, reliable, versatile tools capable of attaching a wide range of materials. As a portable, hand-held solution, our ATG Adhesive Applicators apply adhesive to any shape or form, instantly bonding large and small surfaces. With Scotch® ATG Applicators, a touch of the finger triggers a quick, controlled application of Scotch® ATG Transfer Tape at the same time as the liner rewinds into the applicator. There is no mess and no cleanup. 3M advanced acrylic adhesive bonds on contact and is formulated with a choice of properties including high temperature resistance, acid free, general purpose and high initial adhesion. The Scotch® ATG Adhesive Transfer Tape System is a cost effective and more productive replacement to many double-sided tapes, tape applicators, as well as adhesive dots, staples and liquid adhesives. This applicator allows the ATG tape liner to rewind into the applicator as the adhesive is applied for hassle-free operation that eliminates messes and clean-up.

Typical Properties



General Industrial, Packaging, Paper, Print, Retail



Product Colour

Blue, Red, Yellow

Tape Width (metric)

6.4 mm

Units per Case


Dimensions and Classifications

Overall Width (Metric)

6 mm, 50.8 mm


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