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Key Features:

  • Polycarbonate helmet and clear lens made of polycarbonate
  • Flat, lightweight, pocket-friendly, and compact in size
  • Exceptionally lightweight, strong, and long-lasting protective eyewear for daily use; stylish, spectacle-like style appropriate for both sexes
  • The optical class I lens with a hard coating effectively blocks out 99% of dangerous UV light. The lens’s wraparound provides optimal impact protection for the eyes.
  • Extra-large side protection is provided by the wide temple design.
  • gentle temple edges
  • Appropriate for various work environments
  • Standard: EN 166, CE, ANSI Z87.


For use in a variety of industrial environments, UDYOGI EDGELITE SAFETY EYEWEAR is a dependable and outdoor safety glasses eye protection option. These safety glasses are perfect for locations where there is a high risk of flying small fragments because of its scratch-resistant technology and hard-coated surface, which provide strong protection against low-level impacts. Made especially for the Iron and Steel and Power and Utilities industries,so the safety eyewear also called on guard safety glasses the UDYOGI EDGELITE SAFETY EYEWEAR keeps eyes protected and adds a vital safety measure for workers in hazardous environments. These safety glasses put the wearer’s health first by providing strong eye protection without sacrificing comfort or durability, regardless of the potential risks they may encounter in the manufacturing, construction, or related industries.

Key Benefits:

  • Provides dependable and durable eye protection for use in industrial settings.
  • Designed to be long-lasting and provide consistent performance.
  • Improves impact resistance by offering a strong, hard-coated surface.
  • Ideal for locations where there is a greater chance of flying debris, providing complete eye safety.
  • Vital for employees in hazardous environments.


UDYOGI EDGELITE SAFETY EYEWEAR provides dependable safety glasses and long-lasting eye protection and is made for use in a variety of industrial environments. These safety glasses are perfect for areas where there is a higher chance of flying debris since they include a hard-coated surface and scratch-resistant technology, which offer strong protection from minor impacts. Designed specifically for the Iron and Steel, Power, and Utilities sectors, UDYOGI EDGELITE SAFETY EYEWEAR protects workers’ eyes and is a vital safety precaution in dangerous work situations.


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