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Key Features:

  • A side shield-protecting pair of welding safety glasses for welders.
  • industrial safety goggles price at affordable price
  • Replaceable lens made of polycarbonate shade 5 DIN.
  • Acetate-framed safety glasses that are lightweight.
  • made to resist degradation, guaranteeing a longer lifespan.
  •  aesthetically beautiful with a focus on security and usability.
  • Simple design for hassle-free and rapid lens changing.
  • vents are positioned carefully to avoid fogging and preserve visual clarity.


Because of UDYOGI’s dedication to quality and safety, these eyeglasses are designed to satisfy the exacting requirements needed in welding operations. Professionals in the welding sector will find the UDYOGI HT Weld Shade 5.0 Safety Eyewear to be an invaluable tool as it offers the required protection without sacrificing comfort. Welders can rely on it with confidence. Put your safety first with UDYOGI, and order safety glasses online quickly.

The UDYOGI HT Weld Shade 5.0 Safety Eyewear is lightweight and made with the comfort of welders in mind, which lessens strain on the wearer over extended periods of time. In addition to making the eyewear lighter, the acetate frame increases its durability and ensures that it will last through even the most severe work situations.

Key Benefits:

  • For user convenience, replacing lenses is quick and simple.
  • protects eyes from damaging UV rays, sparks, and debris.
  • Changing lenses allows for flexible protection under various welding circumstances.
  • Maximum visibility for accurate welding and increased security.
  • Adaptable to a range of welding methods, increasing adaptability.elegant style without sacrificing security measures.
  • Clear vision is maintained by the ventilation system’s ability to stop lens fogging.

The primary characteristic of the UDYOGI HT Weld Shade 5.0 Safety Eyewear that sets it apart is glasses to protect eyes from laser, which is crucial for protecting the eyes when welding. Made to provide all-around protection from possible threats, these eyeglasses have a swappable Polycarbonate Shade 5 DIN lens. This specialised lens offers optimal visibility and clear vision in the demanding circumstances of welding activities, in addition to offering superior protection against powerful welding light and UV radiation. For people doing welding activities, the UDYOGI HT Weld Shade 5.0 Safety Eyewear prioritises safety and clarity with its combination of Side Shield Protection and cutting-edge lens technology.



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