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Udyogi Ultra – The Ultimate in Head Protection

  • Key Features:
    • Green construction helmet made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material.
    • Recognized as the most comfortable hard hat with a 6-point plastic/textile suspension.
    • Compliant with hard hat safety standards IS 2925: 1984, EN 397, DGMS.


The Udyogi Ultra helmet is a top-tier solution for head protection in hazardous work environments. Crafted from sturdy HDPE material, this green construction helmet is not just about safety but also about style and comfort. It is designed for use in sectors like construction and process industries, where risks of head injury are prevalent.

The helmet boasts an aesthetic look with a smooth, solid color resin finish that ensures durability without any chipping or peeling. The design includes three ribs at the top for enhanced impact resistance and crack resistance, making it a highly reliable choice. The Udyogi Ultra is distinguished as the most comfortable hard hat thanks to its 6-point suspension system, available in both slip fit and ratchet fit adjustments, coupled with an adjustable chin strap for a customized and comfortable fit. Additionally, its high-quality, non-contact sweatband maximizes cooling and hygiene, ensuring comfort during long hours of wear.


        Provides superior protection against falling objects and other head injury hazards.

        Comfortable for extended wear, making it ideal for long work shifts.

        Aesthetically pleasing design with high durability and resistance to impacts and cracks.

Usage: The Udyogi Ultra is ideal for professionals in construction, process industries, or any field where head safety is a priority. Its adjustable features allow for a customized fit, catering to different head sizes and shapes, ensuring maximum protection and comfort. When wearing the Udyogi Ultra, you can be assured of meeting the highest hard hat safety standards while maintaining optimal comfort and style on the job.


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