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UD46-Industrial Eyewear

 Key Features:

  • Modern lenses for clear, sharp vision.
  • shields the eyes from flying dirt and particulates.
  • guarantees a clear experience in a range of working conditions.
  • combines an eye-catching appearance with practicality.
  • Flexible fit to improve comfort throughout extended use.
  • lengthens the life of the product and preserves lens clarity.
  • satisfies safety requirements and offers trustworthy protection.
  • long-wearing comfort without getting tiresome.


With its superior lens technology, UD46 Industrial Eyewear offers a vision that is attractive and free of dust and fog. These safety glasses provide the best visibility possible, supporting overall job performance whether you’re working in dimly lit environments or near bright lights.

safety glasses material prides itself on complying to industry safety regulations. It gives you peace of mind to know that the product protecting your eyes complies with all applicable requirements and meets or exceeds them, ensuring a safe and legal workplace.

● Clear, free vision is provided by advanced lens technology.
● effectively blocks dust from entering the eyes, reducing irritability and discomfort.
● Visibility is maintained with fog-free lenses even in humid or shifting environments.
● fashionable eyewear with a contemporary design and utility.
● enhances overall productivity in a range of illumination conditions.
● fulfils workplace safety requirements and offers trustworthy eye protection.
● appropriate for many different sectors and uses.

With its state-of-the-art lens technology, UD46 Industrial Eyewear Provides your eyes ppe eye protection glasses perfect vision while successfully blocking out dust and fog. These safety glasses improve visibility across a range of working industrial area.


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