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Key Features:

  • Polycarbonate lens and forehead made of polycarbonate
  • Over the safety glasses
  • Exceptionally lightweight, strong, and long-lasting safety glasses suitable for daily use
  • Chic style is similar to spectacle and is appropriate for both genders.
  • Lenses offer side shield and brow protection.
  • Hard coating and anti-fog on optical class I lenses that block out 99% of UV radiation
  • Perfect impact protection is provided around the eyes via wrap-around lenses.
  • Nylon sleeve curves and soft TPE temple tips accommodate head forms without tension.
  • Appropriate for various work environments
  • ANSI Z87.1, EN 166, EN 170, and CE standards


For protecting your eyes from low-level impacts in a variety of industrial applications, the UDYOGI EDGEOVER OVERSPEC SAFETY EYEWEAR is a dependable option. This is the best safety glasses, which is specifically made to guard against flying microscopic pieces, is a must-have for businesses in sectors including FMCG, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and more. This glasses are perfect for interior work and also safety glasses for healthcare workers,because of its transparent lens, which provides both eye protection and the best visibility. Put your trust in UDYOGI EDGEOVER to deliver a safe and cosy safety glasses solution for your place of business.

Key Benefits:

  • Facilitates easy maintenance and cleaning, encouraging a hygienic workplace for employees.
  • gives a clear field of vision, improving safety and awareness.
  • satisfies safety standards, guaranteeing businesses follow legal obligations.
  • keeps workers’ vision clear, promoting accuracy and productivity.
  • Ideal for a variety of workplaces, including healthcare settings


In a variety of industrial environments, the UDYOGI EDGEOVER OVERSPEC SAFETY EYEWEAR offers dependable eye protection against low-level impacts. This best stylish safety glasses, made to protect against flying microparticles, is a need for companies operating in FMCG, manufacturing, medications, and other industries.


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