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Key Features:

  • Wire mesh lens and nylon frame for the brow guard
  • Exceptionally lightweight, strong, and long-lasting safety glasses suitable for daily use
  • Additional side protection will be provided by the side shield.
  • Lenses shield the eyes from environments where tiny or medium-sized particles could cause harm to them.
  • Fogging is prevented by the lens in the area where it is most problematic.
  • Complete front lens offers great eye protection from impacts.
  • Does not offer defense against splashes or fine particles.
  • Comfort fit is ensured by the soft temple tip contours.
  • EN 166 Standard is suitable for various work environments.


UDYOGI G-MESH SAFETY EYEWEAR is here to protect your eyes in situations where medium-level impact and possible eye injuries are a worry. These safety glasses are a necessary item for a variety of industrial environments since they are precisely crafted and made to last against small to medium-sized buy prescription safety glasses online at your official website

Applications in muck handling, mining, and fogging-prone locations are especially well-suited for the UDYOGI G-MESH SAFETY EYEWEAR. Because of its unique shape, we offers work glasses online against flying particles and debris, shielding your eyes from harm. The eyewear’s novel mesh design improves airflow and reduces the possibility of fogging, which is a frequent problem in demanding work settings.

Key Benefits:

  • makes it easier for people to enter and exit work areas quickly.
  • in harmony with additional personal protection gear.
  • offers excellent protection at a reasonable cost.
  • stops slipping when working actively.
  • permits heightened awareness of one’s surroundings.
  • shields against unexpected hits and crashes.
  • Easy to maintain and clean for continuous usage.
  • protects the eyes from damaging ultraviolet (UV) light. lessens wearer fatigue after extended use.


While medium-level impact and potential eye injuries are a worry, UDYOGI G-MESH SAFETY EYEWEAR is made to offer dependable eye protection. These safety glasses, which provide resilience against small to medium-sized particles and precise craftsmanship, are indispensable in a variety of industrial settings. Put your trust in UDYOGI G-MESH to protect your eyes in demanding work environments.


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