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Key Features

  • Unmatched eye protection
  • Precision-designed for functionality
  • Enhanced safety in industrial settings
  • Shields against flying small bits
  • Robust build for durability
  • Creative and ergonomic design
  • Ideal for strenuous industrial procedures
  • Ensures employee health and safety
  • High impact resistance
  • Optimal clarity for vision
  • Reduces the risk of eye injuries
  • Comfortable for extended wear
  • Adjustable for a customized fit
  • Wide field of vision
  • Anti-scratch coating for longevity
  • UV protection for outdoor use


Suitable for a variety of industrial environments, the UDYOGI UD 81 Safety Eyewear is a dependable and crucial piece of protective equipment that is made to shield the eyes from impacts at a low level. This safety eyewear is ideal for jobs like material handling, packaging, and assembly line work where there is a chance of potential eye risks because it is designed to offer the best protection against flying small pieces.

wear over safety glasses Comfort and protection are given equal weight in this safety eyewear, which makes it a sensible option for employees who require dependable eye protection for their regular tasks. UDYOGI UD 81 safety eyewear glasses is a necessary item for anyone looking for a reliable way to protect their eyes in industrial and manufacturing settings because of their sturdy design and respect to safety regulations.

Key Benefits:

  • Both indoor and outdoor use is OK
  • Technology that absorbs impacts for increased safety
  • Strengthened frame for greater sturdiness
  • Materials resistant to temperature for adaptability
  • Rapid release mechanism for quick removal
  • Adaptable for usage in a range of industries
  • Provides the best possible visual clarity
  • Reasonably priced without sacrificing quality
  • Improved eyesight in the periphery
  • Sleek and modern in look
  • Robust and trustworthy structure
  • Committed to advancing worker safety


UDYOGI UD 81 Safety Eyewear is the udyogi safety glasses over glasses which was designed with functionality and precision in mind, excels at offering unmatched protection against potential eye hazards, especially those related to flying small bits. Because of its strong build and creative design, it is ideal for situations where there is a higher danger of eye injuries, protecting the health and safety of employees engaged in strenuous industrial procedures.


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